A Dog Named Bunny

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So this motel is loaded with cops. Yeah, guys, your faces are all over Twitter. And you ask fucking weird questions. I’d have to be an idiot not to know. Alternatively, I’m understandably paranoid, and some of these fuckers look and act just like police officers. Gonna play it on the safe side.

I don’t mind. If you wanna arrest me for giving hand jobs, whatever. Should probably stop jerking off to my pics though. Just saying, basically the same thing.

But, because of my dog, they’re playing the fraud angle, trying to lump me with the people who left her with me. So let me explain.

First of all, Bunny’s former owner is not a friend of mine. I’ve met her once. All I know is that she’s a raging bitch with nothing nice to say about anyone, she was an asshole to the puppy, she shoots up speed, dates D, and is named Danielle. D&D probably stole my car, so if you wanna get that back to me, just saying, it would be kinda nice. I did pay four grand for the thing.

So what happened was that I had this friend, we’ll call him F. F was sometimes helpful and sometimes stole $700 from me right before Christmas, which is why my Wells Fargo account is still overdrawn. YOLO.

So F tells me to come stay the weekend at his house, says he’ll be gone and I can work there and save some money. With hotels currently priced at like $300 a weekend, that sounded like a sweet deal.

When I arrive, he is not gone. In fact, there are three other people there with him. One is a guy I briefly “talked to” which makes for fun banter with me, him, and Brian for a couple of days. We all took shots and smoked some pot, and the two of them bonded over some hot rails while I slept and somehow managed to not relapse.

The other two were D and D. I didn’t talk to them at all, except briefly in the garage where she pretended to be cute and innocent, but was still complaining about something.

Then some very nice stranger from the internet donated me a little money and Brian and I were ready to get the fuck out of there. Didn’t even stay the whole weekend. So F calla me an Uber and decides that D and the other dude, R, are gonna hitch a ride with us. Says he’ll be buying them a hotel room in the same hotel. The boy D has taken off and they can’t get ahold of him.

So D and R ride with us in the Uber, and of course when we arrive and I realize that F has not yet paid for their room, I offer mine as a place to wait.

They wait all day. Night comes, girl D goes somewhere with a friend, R leaves, I have no idea where he went, and boy D comes by. I let him sleep in the bed for a while, then girl D comes back around 7 a.m. and wakes him up.

I need cigarettes and boy D has a car that I learned at some point may not be totally his, but the admission was cryptic and I’m not sure what that means. In fact, that’s basically what was said, that it was kind of stolen. Whatever, I just need cigarettes. So I give them $15 so they can buy what they smoke too, trying to be fair. They ask if they can leave the dog and they never come back.

So quit the fraud angle bullshit, please. I took a cute puppy off the hands of some bitch who should be in jail. And when F fucked me over by “borrowing” $90 and not paying me back, and I was $10 short of being able to pay the room on a Saturday, and my kids had to watch me pack up everything I own and sweat in the fucking Texas sun and eat breakfast on a fucking side walk, I called the crime stoppers tip line and every damn body else who would listen to report these assholes for their illegal bullshit.

I had nothing to do with the stuff they’re into. I was in the same place as them accidentally, and then because I was being nice. I have the dog because they abandoned her and my kids wanted to keep her. That’s it. Mystery solved. You’re welcome.



Hey. It's Renee. Hope you're having a nice day. 

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