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So Brian came back like 15 minutes later saying he was never gonna leave. Lol. What happens is that we go to lunch, he’s still waiting on his money, it doesn’t come through, I try to organize meeting for work if I’m fronted hotel money, I succeed, I can pay the bill, so I come back, I almost have a room (of course, this means I’ll have to work, and he’ll throw a tantrum about that too), and when I get back he tells ME, that I’M being a selfish piece of shit because he has social anxiety. So do I, and as usual, I’m stuck carrying your weight. Who is a selfish piece of shit, Brian? I bend over backwards for you and you treat me like shit in return.

So how long until Brian left me AGAIN? Under four hours.

And he really thinks he’s good to me. Ha! I’m just gonna post every time he dies this shit now. You’ll start to see the pattern.

Oh, it’s worse because two people were gonna pick me up and I turned them down because he came back.

Literally, 90% of the shitty things in my life are directly attributable to this guy. I don’t even know why I bother .

Now I’m gonna smoke the half a cigarette I saved for him after bumming one off stranger.



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