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I’m so tired of of this. I am. There are tons of people who don’t think I’m awful, and twice as many who think I’m awesome until the moment I break up with them. Go figure. If you’ve met me and you hate me after that, you’re a douche. You know damn well I was kind to you and that whatever I said I suffered was real. I’m sorry that I didn’t fit so neatly in your box. I never will.

There was a condom wrapper in my room just now, which wasn’t mine and was in the middle of the floor. These two guys railing me all night, and the one asshole waiting outside who’s suddenly gone when I come back?

I know who you are, I know the pictures are fake, I know that there’s software to prove it. I will go over your heads if you do this to me, and fuck you all hard in the ass. You don’t want this.

If you push again, I will act first.



Hey. It's Renee. Hope you're having a nice day. 

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