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So you pop up when the glue is falling apart and you fail to account for what I’ve done the rest of the year. Click around. Most of the stuff hasn’t been updated since I lost my laptop, and thanks to you guys, I’ve been stuck just trying to survive, which you wouldn’t know anything about. Maslow, anyone?

I neither want nor need your criticism, which is so far from constructive to have become straight up abuse. Whoever thinks he’s helping please Google “Hurt and Rescue” as one of the narcissist’s abuse tactics.

Why does one awful man keep stepping in to replace whoever I just moved out of the way? For fucksake, stop treating me like I’m incompetent when I’ve carried not only me, but men and strangers and children and my goals all goddamned year. I’ve done more than most in my position could do, including you, if ever you really had to walk in my shoes. I don’t live to be pleasing to you and how I do things is none of your business. In two years, you have not said a single helpful thing, why do you think running your mouth is gonna be helpful now?



Hey. It's Renee. Hope you're having a nice day. 

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