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Platforms, Sex Work, and Their Interconnectedness
 Author: Jon Swords; Mary Laing; Ian R. Cook  Category: Studies  Publisher: SagePub  Published: 2021  Pages: 21 Download

This text defines platforms as “digital systems through which third parties can connect or interact,” and examines the impact that they have on sex workers and the industry at large. Four types of interactions are acknowledged for their reliance on platforms: in-person, direct sexual experiences; at a distance, indirect live experiences; indirect purchasing or consumption of material; and asynchronous consumption and interaction. Respective examples: Pay to play “escorting” services, private cam shows, general free or purchased pornography, and paywall porn as on Only Fans.

Each platform is said to have three layers: The network layer, where users interact and those interactions generate value, the infrastructure layer which includes the tools, services, and rules that users can utilize or must abide by, and the data layer, which logs information about the users that is then used to structure the other layers–as in the case of provider rankings determining content visibility.

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