Dakota–Setting the Record Straight

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If it’s you, really, after all this, hold up. Let me set the record straight.

First of all, yes, I slapped him on two separate occasions. The first time, he was in my house a few days after someone had called CPS on me in response to my call against my ex husband. I now believe Dakota made the call. My children had been showing up with marks from the abuse inflicted at their fathers house and vomiting before they had to leave. Someone called about me doing drugs, though Dakota can attest for you himself that I was sober and sleeping for at least the first day they were actually with me. I’m sure he complains a ton about that.

So my children were back with their father after they had begged me to let them stay with me, where they were safe, and I was being questioned as though I had caused the abuse. I wasn’t permitted to see them for a month, until I snuck into their schools and pryed the visitation box open again.

That evening, I was sober, maybe drinking, but that was it. I was crying and Dakota was attacking me. He got in my face and screamed that what was happening was my fault, and I fucking slapped him. Then I went to my bed to get away from him and he climbed on tip of me to scream in my face some more about me being a whore and a terrible mom. So I slapped him right there and screamed at him to leave.

The second time was the same thing. It was July, I was broke because Adam hadn’t found the kids a new daycare for my month. The business I was building had crumbled because I had to be with the kids all day, and of course he made me feel completely useless and incompetent, as usual. And I wanted to ease the financial strain he was under, I wanted to do my part.

So for the very first time all month, I asked him to look after the boys as they slept so I could work. I couldn’t make it through the full appointment before he was texting me awful things, calling me a whore, telling me I was a shitty mother. I came back with almost empty hands, forced to continue being useless, which he of course claims of me in his favor. The man crippled me and then bitched that he had to push my wheelchair.

So when the argument changed to spoken words from written ones and he called me a whore and told me I was hurting the children I was trying to feed, I slapped him again.

The fact is that I had come up from nothing at all the first time he did this shit, and the guy was so entitled that he decided he had the authority to take everything I had taken a year to accumulate, and so self righteous that he thought he had the right to decide the moral value of everything I did, and decided not based on utility or even objective outcomes, but based on how it made him feel.

Dakota was not a good person to me. Period. What he did to me at the end should be proof enough. Why are you helping him do it again?

And yes, I broke into his house. It was July, I had been with my children and forbidden to work all damn month and I had no money. Adam had failed to coordinate the boys daycare in order to hurt me, so my kids had nowhere to go, too, during the days when Adam was at work. I couldn’t afford a bottle of water even to keep them hydrated while we sat in the car Dakota later would steal. I owed $300 out of $2500, for the record, and he had told me his friend said to forget it and transfer the title, which he soon after stole out of my glove box.

I broke in and I stayed until exactly the moment my ex husband picked up my kids, then I left. What should be far more concerning is that Dakota would throw my kids on the street.

I wound up having my kids another week after that, and I stayed in hotels.

Dakota told everyone I was a tweaker, which was funny, because for a while I slept in my car to avoid having to sleep at my drug dealers house. Then Dakota stole my car and I had nowhere else to go and I went back to using every day.

Dakota has severe psychological issues which prevent him from knowing or caring about the harm he inflicts on other people. I understand why you would believe him, he seems so fucking sweet. That’s how he got me too.

But listen to how he talks about me. He did that the whole time. And he treated me like he believed it. And half of it is probably exaggerated so I sound far worse than I was. If he came home to a dirty house, it was once a week at most. I worked when I could, losing my business again was not my fault.

I didn’t fuck the ex boyfriend he thought I fucked and I broke up with him to fuck Brian. It’s not my fault he kept coming around.

Because of this man, I almost killed myself, I slept on a sidewalk, and I can give up any hope of ever parenting my children again. And whatever you say, those kids wanted to be with me. Ask Dakota about all the pictures he used to take of me with them. If he says I’m a bad mom now, he never did then… except on the two occasions when I slapped him. I had given blood sweat and tears, literally sold my body, to take care of those kids. And he knew it. He was using them to manipulate me, pure and simple.

You’re listening to the tales of a vicious and unstable man. Stop believing the propaganda and ask me next time.



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