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A person who walks around trying to force others to do as they say is the one who thinks they are God. You assume omniscience, dismissing others perspectives entirely. You assume the right to harm, you assume that you are too imperfect to judge incorrectly.

Saying that someone thinks they’re God because they think they’ve got what it takes to be more than what you tell them they are? That is abuse. You tell me on one hand that I need to be better and then you turn around and laugh when I say that I am. Seeing it yet?

Believing in my abilities is not the same as thinking I’m invincible. I’m very vincible. It’s not even arrogant. It’s not even confident. Millions of people have already done what I am trying to do. That you didn’t, and that you can’t, has nothing to do with me.



Hey. It's Renee. Hope you're having a nice day. 

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