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I hit someone’s blunt, so I don’t even care. Cool as a cucumber. I’m gonna have someone come pick me up now, cuz without Brian, and with a better attitude, I have a few social resources.

That’s why Brian got all pissed at me, by the way. He was all self loathing, “I can’t even walk. At least you have a driver’s liscence.”

And I told him, “A lot of good it does me.” And then he said something about me having options, which was annoying as fuck. “Look, don’t pretend you’ve got it worse than me. That’s not fair. There’s your situation and there’s my situation, and I am usually the one carrying your weight, which means I’ve got it twice as bad as you. How dare you.”

And then, he was like, “If you raise your voice… That’s it, I’m done. I don’t give a fuck about you.”

Whatever, man.



Hey. It's Renee. Hope you're having a nice day. 

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