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Hurt and Rescue

“It’s for your own good,” they say, and then their army deploys with an unmistakable war cry. Leave no child alive, take the women and livestock for yourselves.


It isn’t for my own good. How can you plunder and think the village is better off because you did? Look at the blood dripping off of your hands. You’ve taken a life.


All in the name of discrimination. Bias, pure and simple. You didn’t bother to wonder whether the story you heard as the truth. 


Let me just make something clear, in case you’re here and you think you’re some sort of missionary. I don’t want Jesus. And whoever sent you did not send you out of love, care, or  concern. This is what the experts on Narcissistic Personality Disorder have named, “Hurt and Rescue.” It is yet another means for the narcissist to undermine his victim, make her seem incompetent, and make himself look like a saint. All he does in this hurt and rescue mission, however, is hurt. 


I am not who he says I am. 


And if you keep doing this shit anyway, pretending like you’re saving a life while you erect more and more walls between me and a livable future, at least admit to yourself that you are cruel and unjust, that you’re enabling a brand of psychological abuse known to disproportionately end in suicide. Call it The Crusades. 


For what it’s worth, I’ll sooner die than convert.