Let Me Get This Straight

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You want me to stay off a street drug, which is used therapeutically, to get on a prescribed drug, which costs way more money, might not work, and is just as addictive as the street drug that has demonstrated itself to work, with minimal side effects, because of a social perception that had to be learned?

Yall got kids growing up on Adderall, adults taking it their whole lives, at a dosage that likely exceeds the amount of amphetamines that I consumed, without destroying their lives, and no one stops to wonder where street speed gets such a bad name? Because a few fuck ups get hooked on it? They’re shooting it up usually, for fucksake, and mixing it with other shit.

I said this the last time I got sober too, and yall didn’t Iike it then, either. Crystal meth HELPED me. That’s why I fucking did it. After a while, I didn’t even get high. Same as with Adderall. Not even a little high. I felt exactly the same as I do now, except that my stomach wasn’t stuck in knots and I didn’t want to cry all the time and I could stand to look at myself in the mirror.

And the solution everyone, everyone, everyone, is quick to jump to for my problems now? DIFFERENT DRUGS. What a fucking pile of bullshit. Humans are fucking stupid.



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