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Lonely Ain’t the Worst Thing

I know its not quite New Years, but it being just over a month away, the time is ripe for resolutions. Brian is gone. Stole from me. Will not be coming back. With F’s house being overrun with sheisty little shitbags and Brian finally out the door, I think it’s time to make the commitment to “No More Exploitative People.”

The hesitation has arisen previously from the fact that all of my friends were more or less terrible people to me. With 2/3 eliminated by default, I’m feeling a little more ready… or not. Here I come, right?

And it’s time to stand up for myself in other areas of my life too. With certain ties severed, I am finally in the position to look out for myself. Sorry for whatever consequences may come from your actions. But you didn’t worry over the consequences your behavior would have for me.

So that’s all. Once more, I’ve got my life back. Pray I don’t squander this shit again.