No Safe Place

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Well, I don’t get a safe place to fall. Doesn’t keep me from falling. Brian says his last unemployment check comes in today, so I might have a roof over my head at least. Until he kicks me out, of course. Bets on how long that takes.

I’ll give him that above the rest of you who think you have a claim on me. He’s always there when I need him. Always. No expectations. No strings. Just there, in his own fucked up way, the best he can be. Who blew a thousand dollars to bail me out of jail? Brian. Who followed me around on a hurt ass foot because I wanted to jump off a bridge last night? Brian. Who made jokes at my expense while I hid in the closet because in the throes of my mental breakdown, it felt safe? Brian.

In fact, no one else helped me at all. At all, at all. I have to wait for him to wake up before I can even maybe get a coffee.

I guess if you reap what you sow, Brian has turned out to be the best investment I could have made, as far as people go. So fuck the rest of you. Maybe I’ll officially crown him my boyfriend today. At least until he wakes up and kicks me out.



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