Policy Proposal for Police Conduct and Oversight

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Last month, I was arrested twice, once for posession of a controlled substance, admittedly a valid arrest, though perhaps carried out in violation to the law, and a second time for criminal trespass, an invalid arrest carried out with undue force, yet, despite its abusive nature, resulting in a charge against ME rather than the transgressors. The outrageous treatment I received is the inspiration for this informal policy proposal concerning police conduct and oversight.

Two proposals are enclosed, and I invite the public to propose more. The first is that police conduct should be held to the same standard as medical conduct and that the mantra, “Do no harm,” should reign. The second, much more specific and measurable, is that greater responsibility to review bodycam arrest footage should be awarded to and demanded of all arresting parties. This means that upon each and every arrest, the officers, jailers, and a disinterested third party (for the sake of checking the department’s self interest) should be required to watch the footage to ensure that all laws have been abided by the officers in question and that a crime did really exist. This should be done BEFORE a charge is placed against the innocent until proven guilty party, and not through the current court system, which prioritizes itself above the individual or the truth.

There is more coming on this. I wanted to air the idea, but the essay requires more research that I’m not currently in a position to do. Keep your eyes out for the finished version. It’s going to kick ass.



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