Full Body Sensual Massage

Thirty or Sixty Minutes

Three years of experience and a little formal education meet a fine-tuned Level One skillset to make for an experience that is sure to satisfy, no matter where you swell.

Using a semi-professional, Swedish-inspired technique, I’ll work your body from the bottom up with long strokes and gentle kneading to ensure that all your stressed or sore muscles are soothed. Whether you prefer a pressure that is firm, applied by default, or a lighter touch and more sensual pace, the pleasant feel of my hands prepares you for peek enjoyment once we flip to the front. Having a sense of trust in the face of vulnerability, feeling a sense of familiarity, you are able to relax. Now I’ll take you on a ride. 

I use Tantric Lingam Massage and the knowledge gleaned from countless encounters to slowly bring you to the precipice, teasing with light strokes that feel like desperation until your body begs me to throw you over. 

Lovers are floored by my process, clients tell me they fantasize about it while pleasing themselves. I’m told that if you close your eyes, my L1 feels like a Level Two. 

So if you’re stiff, come by and let me touch your body. I’ll get it all worked out.


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What is your donation?
Eighty bucks for half an hour, one-twenty for a whole one, flat rate, no surprises. Because I do not offer upgrades, there are never hidden fees. You're welcome.
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Where are you located?
For planning purposes, you can put 1100 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock TX into your GPS.
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Do you allow mutual touch?
The thing with this is that it's not really practical and it's not very pleasurable, either. I know you're thinking, "Hot girl, must touch," and I won't fault you for that. Or maybe it's that you're like me, and you have a hard time abandoning yourself to the moment if you're not sure the other parties present are as lost as you. Too much potential for embarrassment.

However, from my years of experience with all varieties of men, I've learned that your greatest pleasure is achieved when you do none of the work.

Yes, you may touch any part of my body that is not covered in clothing, and I keep only my panties on. I will accommodate some harmless requests, such as cuddling or light kissing or sitting a certain way and mutual massage is always welcome. But you will have a much better time if you let me conduct the session as I please.
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When do you work?
I try to be available from noon to midnight most days during the week, until 6 pm on Fridays, and after 6 pm on Sundays, but it rarely happens that way. On the average day, I start around 4 pm (Don't give up on an early appointment! I'm trying to fix my bad habits this year.) and end around 10, some Fridays I work all night, and sometimes I'm free to work the weekend.

If I'm not on the clock, I may not check my messages. You do have the right number, you are not at all bothersome to me, I do not dislike you, pinky swear. I will reply when I finally look through my phone. Usually, this will be within a few hours, sometimes it may take a few days.
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How do I book you?
Appointments booked online are prioritized, but I sometimes fail to see them, so shoot me a text to confirm if I don't get ahold of you first. And always, always text me before you begin driving my way in case I'm still asleep or something has come up. Aside from that, you can text me anytime at 909 212 0226.