The Facts

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The fact is that you are no better than me. You, in fact, are far worse. The difference is that I am in the spotlight and you get to point and make everyone laugh and join you. That itself makes you far worse. But your issues are kept under wraps, aren’t they?

You probably don’t even think about them. You just keep doing fucked up shit because you can get away with it and pointing fingers so that people think you’re someone who has the ability to judge the moral value of things. The fact that you’re pointing proves that you’re not. A person of real moral integrity wouldn’t point for the sake of pointing. They would point only if it was necessary and return to a state of respect when the necessity passed.

But you don’t have the self awareness to see the blood on your hands. That’s how I know that when the doors close and no one is around, you’re a piece of shit. When the doors close and no ones around me? I make signs for the blood on mine.



Hey. It's Renee. Hope you're having a nice day. 

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