The Process

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Writing is frustrating as hell. Like when I started writing this post, I had no idea what I was going to say. Which means I have no idea what’s coming next. I just let the thoughts become what they are.

Sometimes they just flow out, and I barely need an edit. Sometimes they don’t know what to become yet. Sometimes what they are is a concept that’s hard to put into words, and you have to decide very specifically on which words to use and you erase a million wrong sentences before you settle on an adequate one.

This one isn’t flowing well. I really just wanted to say the first sentence, so I decided to make a whole blog to justify saying it. Let your words be useful if you are to speak, that kind of thing. It’s a value of mine.

So I’ve made it into an exhibition of the annoyances of the writing process.

And now I’ll segue into something from my website to keep the content relevant to the site, like I care about that.

I’m about to be writing a lot more for the memoirs, but I’ve decided to do it the way that it comes out, which will be in scenes and observations rather than chapters. I think trying to structure the book before writing it is premature, and have found that the idea of writing that way inhibits my productivity.

In writing my scenes and observations episodically, I will probably produce a huge body of content that I will never actually use. But I’ve decided that I’m gonna post all my writing, however I do it, rather than posting finished chapters, because I have no idea yet what the finished books will actually read like. It will help keep me writing. I ask that you not judge the book by its throw away parts, which means just don’t judge me, cuz I don’t know what I will keep or what I won’t.

You’re gonna get to see the real writing process on a bigger scale. Yay you.



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