To Remind Myself

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That I am beautiful.

You guys have got it all wrong, anyway. You want to see a person succeed? Build them UP. Don’t criticize their every part. Keep criticism to a minimum, instruct only when asked. Believe that a person is capable and support their vision, don’t try to cram them into a box that doesn’t fit.

What you guys mistakenly call vanity is necessary for success. I’m allowed to believe in myself, I’m allowed to think I’m amazing, and the present condition of my life has no bearing on that, or on my real value. I know who I am, plain and simple, and its not vain to think I’m cool.

I’m sitting here, crippled under the hatred that’s been spewed in the name of help and struggling to find the strength to get up. And then I scroll through my pictures. Me, at my best. She’s lovely, isn’t she? For so many reasons that you can’t even see. But I know her, and I see it.

So my last retort is to remind myself that I am beautiful. No matter what you say. I love me, and you’re the antagonist here. I’m the hero.



Hey. It's Renee. Hope you're having a nice day. 

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