I don’t remember where we left off, but let me get you up to speed. The dude mentioned in part one is now carrying everything he owns in a backpack. Hopefully he’s diving into traffic. No, off a bridge, cuz I don’t want him hurting more innocent people.


What is wrong with Brian? Hah. From his rough upbringing, he has intense abandonment issues, and with this, extreme jealousy and an overall ambivalent attachment style. He becomes violent when these are triggered, once pinning me to the bed and stopping himself just before his raised fist began the plummet toward my face, another time pushing me in the doorway so vigorously that a witness called the police. He is verbally abusive when he feels insecure, because he’s also so deeply narcissistic that he can’t believe he is really the problem, so he just tries to bring me down a notch, where I belong. Today, he called me fat and ugly. Yup, that low.


He is manipulative as fuck, I don’t think he’s ever meant the word sorry. He just plays at being remorseful, he can even cry on demand, but if you dare stand your ground after the fake flood of tears has dried, he’s right back to being the same abusive piece of shit. So much for sorry.


He’s addicted to online gambling and blew half of his tax return on internet casino games. So we’re clear, that was like a thousand dollars, gone in less than a week. Nothing at all to show for it. Fine, if it was extra money, spend it how you’d like, but he does it with every single one of his unemployment checks, too, so I have paid the full amount for all of our combined living expenses for the entire time he’s been with me. Often, he has promised to help, which I took as an excuse to slack off, and then has lost every penny hours before rent was due. Of course, I made shit happen, cuz that’s what I do, but fucking fuck this guy.


He has absolutely no self control and masturbates his entire day away, every day. He says that I yelled at him for jerking off, and honestly, I didn’t yell, but yes, it got fucking old. He refuses to accept that he’s desensitizing his dick by touching it all the time, and that his erections are less lively when the organ is exhausted from overuse. Call me selfish, I didn’t want to fuck spaghetti. Grow the fuck up and keep your hands out of your pants.


That’s all I’ve got for now. Hey Brian, go fucking die. Or get help. EIther way, stop being such a piece of shit.