Your Way Doesn’t Work

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For me. I’ve done the small business thing and I was miserable and always sore. Writing wouldn’t happen.

I’ve done the 9-5 on someone else’s time, and it was the same, but worse cuz I was also broke.

I’ve done the live in maid or girlfriend or whatever, basically the same thing, and I had never wanted to die so badly in my life.

When I did the escort thing, my life was awesome. House, car, a buffet of men, and while I didn’t write then, I had plenty of time for my hobbies.

Massage is slightly less awesome than escorting in that regard, but I find that it is more suited to my more conservative side, which is my dominant side. There is muscle soreness on my end, and fatigue, it’s a demanding physical job, but not as much as the first two. I have less time because I make less money and have to spend more time working, or I have less money and less time. My choice. But doing this, I taught myself web design and made a website and created an empire in my head and started building it on Earth. And I played Mommy to a highly unstable, full grown man and tried my best for two little kids. I’ll grant that I didn’t win gold in all activities, but with some things out of the way, there will be more time for the rest.

What do I want to do? I want to write a book or two. And make a podcast. And change the world.

So if you think I might be good at thinking, let me do it. Think to tribal societies and the Shaman, who didn’t “work” the way that others work. The artist, likewise, has never spent his day changing bedsheets. He’s in his art, creating.

Your way doesn’t work for me. Period. If I want to BE me, I have to do it my way. That’s why I ignore your advice. Because you don’t have any idea what it takes to be me. You are you.



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